We just want to let you know that God is crazy in love with you!  The truth is God is for you and never against you! God is not out with a magnifying glass looking for everything wrong about you. Instead He has done everything He can to show you how much He cares for you. He just wants to give you the most incredible life you could imagine and know Him like never before.

We believe that experiencing the love of God will make the most powerful impact on your life that you could ever have. Flood the Nations is here to help people find wholeness through God’s love and a relationship with Him so they can have an amazing life!

God sent His Son, Jesus, so that we may have life and a great life at that! There is a day coming when all people will see God as He is and many will turn to Him! But they only will turn to Him if they know the true character of God, which is summed up in that He is Love. He proved this through Jesus!

Here are more details of our beliefs…



God is three-in-one; the Father, Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit. He has always been, amazingly He is the Creator of all good things, infinitely perfect and just been around forever. That three-in-one idea is hard to grasp, but one way to think about it is water, steam and ice. They have the same chemical formula but under different environments they take on a different form. God is kinda like that.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ came to earth as a man, but also as God’s Son, to show us the Father’s goodness to all people so that we may be reconnected with the Father. We believe that Jesus Christ was conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died on the cross and rose up from the dead. By His resurrection He kicked sin, death and the devil like a UFC Champion.


It’s a gift and it’s free. It’s God’s ability (what we call grace), not our good deeds, that make us right with God. Jesus’ death and resurrection made all of our sins to be forgiven. Most humans have a hard time with forgiveness, but God wiped it out, canceled, deleted, erased and He has even forgotten them all. God’s gift is free to you through faith (trusting) that Jesus lived, died and rose again for you and He rocks your life!

Our Response

If we believe Jesus is who He says He is, and we receive the gift He has offered, then He calls us to repent and be baptized (dunked in water). Yeah repent is an old-school religious word that has been used to beat people up, this is wrong. Repent literally means to change the way you think. Jesus was saying “Change the way you think about God and how you relate to Him! His kingdom is here now”. The people, up to when Jesus showed up, had to follow many laws they could not keep and therefore believed God was angry and rejected them. Jesus said I bring good news, God loves you, and has made a way for forgiveness! When we believe and make Him Lord of our life, we are taken out of the matrix of this world and put into His world, from there we follow after Him.


This is has been the #1 bestseller for a long time. The Bible is the book God wrote through people by the Holy Spirit. We believe it’s true, accurate, authentic and absolutely applicable to our lives today.

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit actually moves in with us at the moment we receive Jesus’ gift in our hearts. This way you have a built in GPS system to guide you. He teaches you to enjoy life with the Father, gives you a new heart to love and serve as Jesus did. He also empowers us and gives gifts to live out all the promises of the Bible. Remember in the New Testament when crippled people walked, blind eyes saw, deaf ears heard, dead people raised, dreams came true, and God moved powerfully in people lives? That still happens today through the Holy Spirit, it’s really cool.


God’s family makes up the church, not the building or specific denomination. As the church we are called to share the good news of God’s love with every person, inviting them to become part of His family through a relationship with Jesus. We need each other and this is what church is about.

Heaven and Hell

They both are very real. That’s why we do what we do, to share the good news about our Father’s love and His Son Jesus Christ. God wants everybody to choose Him and be with Him in Heaven.

True Religion

The Bible says true religion is feeding the poor, taking care of the widows and orphans. If we focus just on what Jesus has done for us then we missed His heart. We need to let what breaks God’s heart, break our heart as well. We can not turn our face to God by turning away from those in need at the same time. Mother Theresa said, “If you can’t feed one hundred, then just feed one.” Do what you can and often.

A Changed Life

Followers of Christ are known as disciples. Jesus’ disciples did not just receive God’s love for themselves, have a good life and die. Jesus told them to go unto all the world and share My wonders and good news. Today, we are charged with that same call in whatever capacity we find our lives at today; fathers, mothers, children, husbands, wives, friends, families, employers, employees, neighbors, coaches, students, or whatever it maybe, do it all for Him.

Meet Him

So if you have read this far, maybe it is your time to meet your Father. If you want to know more about God or you just want to pray with one of us at FTN, then call us now at 970-673-7FTN.  Or send us an email here.