Write the next chapter to the story of your life!

Flood the Nations is excited to provide our internship program for those young adults who want to discover and experience missions beyond a short term trip. Missions is very much about giving of yourself, trusting God to work through you and in you in tangible, yet powerful ways, and seeing His kingdom through different lenses. At the end of your internship you will have completed training and gained experience in Biblical studies, Leadership, Living from the Heart, Finding Your Strengths, Evangelism, Serving Others, Nuts and Bolts of Missions, and other topics through focused study and practical hands-on in the field missions. If you complete the program, you will receive a Certificate for Completion of Missionary Service, that can be used on your resume for future endeavors.

FTN internships are actually very customizable. That is because each person, calling, desires, and skills are unique. The intern program is typically a minimum of 3 months (summer) up to 1 year with some dedicated time on the field of missions with one of our partner hosts in the countries we serve.


Our intern program is not a paid position, nor is it free of charge. There are some hard costs you have to cover that primarily are focused on your travel and living expenses. We will send a detailed Guide to the FTN program after completion of the application below.

We look forward to seeing what Chapter God has for you next!