From the Desk of Matt Tarka
Founder & President, Flood the Nations

Dear Parents,

I cannot believe how time as flown by. We started Flood the Nations back in 2006, with a simple passion to share God’s love with the people of the nations, and to see youth and young adults grow in their faith through short-term missions.

I experienced my first mission project in Jamaica as a sophomore in high school. It was then, on a hillside, that I sensed God’s call to be involved with missions for the rest of my life. Then, as a youth and young adult pastor for several years, I always looked forward to our mission trips. It was in another country, with new friends, sites, and smells, that these teams would come alive to God. To this day, the biggest impact I have seen on a person’s faith is that it seems to explode in the mission field. I never tire of watching youth and young adults transformed and empowered by God to share His love. It is why we do what we do.

Every year, the parents of our student missionaries have continued to be our primary partners in seeing God work miracles through a young generation in nations around the world. We thank you for your willingness to impact a generation.

Your child’s safety is your top priority, and it is mine as well. I am a father of three teenagers and have had the privilege of leading my two oldest on mission trips. As a Dad, their health and safety overrides everything else. With the same care as I have for my children, we at Flood the Nations will care for yours.

Thank you for considering joining with us. You are their biggest supporter and cheerleader, and you desire to see them grow into responsible adults with a solid anchored faith in Jesus Christ. We hope that Flood the Nations can be a part of that journey.

I am sure you have many questions, so first jump over to the FAQ page here. Review the material on our site and the information we provide team members. If at any time you want to connect with me personally, you can email me here –

The FTN team looks forward to seeing the impact that missions will have on your teen’s life. You never know, they may even be called to start their own mission organization someday, and that would be awesome!

In His Flood of Grace,

Matt & Kim Tarka

Matt (& Kim) Tarka