Step 1: Register online here


Step 2: Complete the Mission Trip Agreement Form

Download, print, complete with initials and signatures.


Step 3: $100 Holding Deposit

Flood the Nations requires a holding deposit for your spot on the team. This let us know you are serious about proceeding with you mission service project and allows us to move forward. Please click the link to make your deposit online via PayPal (subject to 3.5% processing fee, will be added to your final cost) OR you can mail in a check (no processing fee) made out to Flood the Nations with your Mission Trip Agreement.

$100 Mission Trip Deposit

Online Mission Trip Payment


Step 4: Background Check

Flood the Nations does annual background checks on all staff and volunteer team leaders. FTN also requires members on our team to get background checks for adults 18 and older and all youth minors 15-17. FTN staff will let you know how to complete this step.


Step 5: Preparation

  • GO GuideYour FTN mission trip guide with everything you need to know!
  • Packing List: Get started early
  • Sample Itinerary: What a day in the life of a FTN missionary looks like in the field.
  • FAQa lot of answers to your questions.