Mission Water Project – Using clean water to bring the Water of Life

The Mission Water Project, an outreach of Flood the Nations, provides clean, safe water for children and families in the countries of Honduras, Haiti, and Dominican Republic. Our missions teams build partnerships with villages that opens the door to health, education, income, and a hope filled future.

Unsafe water affects more people worldwide than AIDS and cancer combined. At least 2.2 million people worldwide die each year from drinking unsafe water. Everyday, more than 5,000 children across the developing world die from diseases related to unclean water, that’s nearly one child every 15 seconds! A casualty rate that is simply staggering.

However, one simple filter reduces the leading causes of death and disease. It removes parasites, bacteria, and viruses from contaminated water making it safer to drink. It’s the first point-of-use technology of its kind that is designed to deliver safe water for a family with the expected life of more than 10 years.

Eternal Hope

Flood the Nations missions teams bring more then just clean water that saves physical lives which allows children the opportunity to an education and families the ability to thrive instead of survive. The project opens doors for our teams to bring Jesus Christ, the Water of Life into every home and let them know how much God loves and cares for each of them. This has resulted in powerful ministry and lives transformed!

To learn more of the work and about the filters, click here Mission Water Project.